Alison Segura
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Hello! My name's Alison Segura, and I'm an actress living in Los Angeles.


Some facts you should know about me (in third person): 

Her 5 favorite movies are:

  • Jaws

  • Stand By Me

  • Raiders Of the Los Ark

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  • Rear Window

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela.  When Alison moved to the States she didn’t speak any English.  In order to “fit in” she and her family would dress in cowboy outfits (hats, boots, fringe shirts) and frequent the local rodeo. 

She is a Mama to (1) awesome 3 year old, (1) sweet terrier mix lady dog, and (43ish) succulents/plants/flowers.   

She loves untangling cords. 

One of her proudest moments in her life was when she got a chance to yell to a taxi cab driver in NYC, “Hey, I’m walking here!”

She’s visited 34 states and ran a marathon in Hawaii…not in that order. 

Here I am at the Kissimmee Rodeo. Yup.

Here I am at the Kissimmee Rodeo. Yup.



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